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Stu's Gunsmithing, located in St. Cloud, Minnesota at Del-Tone/Luth Gun Club, has earned a reputation for excellence. We strive to maintain that reputation with every customer that walks through our doors or calls us on the phone. Whether your gunsmithing needs are minimal (cleaning and oiling) or extreme (full repair or a custom rifle build), we have the knowledge to assist you.

Firearm Repair
By definition, a gunsmith is one who makes, designs or repairs firearms. A definition bestowed upon the word when it was first used in 1588. However, since then the firearm industry has drastically changed, evolving into a manufacturing and retailing giant with hundreds of makes, models and styles available for show, competition, hunting and all-purpose use. At Stu's Gunsmithing we strive to stay-up-to-date on the latest firearm repair techniques and equipment to ensure that we can not only perform your repair, but that it will also be completed accurately and will serve you for years to come.

General Gunsmithing Services
From cleaning and oiling, to scope mounting and sighting, our skilled gunsmiths have the advanced knowledge to complete any general gunsmithing service with meticulous accuracy and quick turn-around time. Stu's Gunsmithing provides all the comprehensive gunsmith services you'd expect from a sought-after professional gunsmith. The majority of our gunsmith services are available for rifles, handguns and shotguns including barrel, action, trigger, stock and metal work.

  • Firearm Disassembling, Cleaning, Oiling & Reassembling
  • Safety Checks
  • Test Firing
  • Refinishing
  • Bore Sighting
  • Firearm Sight-Ins
  • Scope Mounting
  • Drilling & Tapping Barrel or Receiver for Sights
  • Installing Recoil Pads, Sling Swivels, Cross Bolts, Recoil Reducers, etc.
  • Service & Parts suggestions to assist you in maintaining a safe & accurate firearm

Contact us to learn about all the general gunsmith services we provide; above is only a minimal listing of the gunsmithing services we can provide to you and your firearm.

Note: Permits are required for all handgun/assault weapon sales.

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